The View Wheel

The View Wheel stands at a height of 32 meters and is our most compact wheel, with base dimensions of only 11 meters x 17 meters.

The View Wheel is perfect for tight city-centre locations or events where space is precious.  It is also a self-erecting structure so no crane is required on-site for the build.  The lighting package is spectacular with a full flashing illumination effect on the front and reverse of the wheel.

The Wheel of Vision

The Wheel of Vision is a 35-meter semi-portable structure which requires a crane on site for build.  Base dimensions are 17 meters x 20 meters.  The advantage of this wheel is the smooth white colour of the entire structure and the minimal amount of illumination.

The Wheel is lit up with a static circle of lights on the outer rim accompanied by specific sodium lighting which is faced towards the entire circumference of the Wheel front and reverse to give it an ambient glow at night.  Incredibly classical and perfect for inner-city locations or that corporate venue without causing any inconvenience to neighbouring windows.

The Panoramic Wheel

The Panoramic Wheel is the pride of the fleet.  Standing proud at 38 meters with a base dimension of 17 meters x 17 meters.

The beautiful colour combination of the blue and white throughout the Wheel accompanied by its height and full white static illumination package on the front and reverse side of the circumference including the towers is simply breathtaking.  This Wheel is a self-erecting structure which requires no crane onsite for the build.

A Glowing Focal Point,

Landmark, Meeting Place,

Tourist Attraction, and Fun Family Feature.

Our largest Wheel stands at a towering height of 38m and creates excitement at a glance.  The Wheels are illuminated and in fading light create a superb glowing focal point.

This stand-alone structure is an observation Wheel and not a funfair attraction – it does not feature any flashing lights or music.

The Wheel Specs
  • Height : Available in 3 sizes 32m, 35m & 38m
  • Partially enclosed gondolas to experience a full panoramic view
  • Stylish and neutral design with a blue and white colour combination

  • As the wheel is self-erecting this requires no use of a big crane – even in hard to access areas
  • Highest level and up to date security standards
  • Transported by 4 semi-trailers – 3 of which attach to form the main structure
Front Elevation

Our Panoramic Wheels come in 3 different sizes, 32m, 35m & 38m.  Designed to the highest standards with steel framing and aluminium caging for the passenger carts with fibreglass panelling and canopy coverings.

Side Elevation

The wheels have intergrated illumination on the rim, spokes, gondolas, tower and centre star.  The lighting modes can be set to static or off.

Safety is Paramount

At the Panoramic Wheel Company safety is of the utmost importance to us.  Our equipment is fully tested both structurally and electrically by the ADIPS approved chartered health and safety practitioners.  This is renewed on a yearly basis.


Health & Safety
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Health and Safety policy
  • Child protection policy
  • NDT Structural Reports
Custom Branding
  • Surface allows for event branding to your own requirement
  • 4m circular centre sign available for advertising
  • Uniformed Staff available on site
  • Mid altitude platform for  events
Quality Specs
  • ADIPS Approved Inspector
  • ISOH Chartered Health and Safety Practitioners
  • OSHRC registered consultant
  • ROSPA Member
Modern Design
  • Eco-friendly LED low energy usage lighting
  • Engineer & Structural reports
  • Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Action plan