Our Panoramic Wheel combines the latest technology with elegance and comfort.


The people around Ireland have awoken to the potential of the Giant Ferris Wheel as an observation structure and tourist attraction. This is why we choose to bring our Ferris Wheels around our beautiful country, so everyone big and small can enjoy the spectacular views which our green island has to offer.

Hire one of our Giant Wheels as an instant landmark to your town, event or attraction, whilst giving your guests a previously unseen bird’s eye view of their surroundings.

Towering over 40 metres into the sky, this impressive structure is one of the tallest transportable attractions of it’s type currently available in Ireland and UK. The attraction has already appeared at some of the country’s biggest events, and is also perfect for corporate hire,product launches etc.

Experience a new dimension to the beauty of Bangor Marina from a spectacular vantage point...

Proudly presenting the 40 metre Panoramic Viewing Wheel in the heart of Bangor Town Centre, Bangor Marina, County Down from Friday 1st June to Sunday 15th July 2018.

Treat your eyes to the unparrelled views of the picturesque promenade, prestigious marina and surrounding sites of Bangor Bay.

This iconic structure is undeniably eye catching and the experience is designed for everyone. Safe enough for toddlers, high enough for teenagers and relaxing enough for the newly retired. The Panoramic Wheel Company welcomes everyone.


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